In times of change, learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists.

                                                                                                             --Eric Hoffer

Welcome to the infinite Discoveries  Co-Learning CenterHelping Hand

infinite Discoveries is an Open Learning Community for people of all ages who are learning how to become capable authors of their own lives. It is:

  • A Co-Learning Center dedicated to help us learn how to become more than just an overwhelmed, overbusy, consumers.- we are helping each other successfully live a purposeful and meaninful life.
  • A comprehensive learning program for those looking for an alternative to universities or college programs that have become too expensive, increasingly irrelevant and impractical, and leave us starting out our lives under a mountain of debt.
  • A center for learning how to become a iOS mobile app developer.
  • An adjunct to traditional schools and learning environments.
  • A community and resource hub for families home schooling their children.
  • A community-of-practice learning center where we all can learn how to co-create healthier, more sustainable communities together.

We are a growing network of learning cohorts, with members of all ages and mentors who learn together how to:

  • Discover and/or clarify our gifts and our own unique contribution so we can invent our own jobs, our own living, and a meaningful life - together.
  • Follow our own learning path toward becoming healthy, resilient, and inventive citizens capable of thriving in an increasingly uncertain future.
  • Provide a community of practice for transformative growth to support us all in becoming who we are truly meant to become.

Come join us and learn who you were meant to become!

Changing Education Paradigms: 

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Do It Yourself Universities

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